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KPW0166 Killpussy Golden Face mash

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Killpussy steps onto the mats to show Chain Male who is stronger. The super-strong New Zealand amazon immediately throws him down to the mats, and wastes no time at all in planting her butt onto his face.

Killpussy teases him allowing brief respites before subduing him again. Chain Male struggles feebly to remove her, clawing at her butt cheeks but to no avail. KIllpussy climbs off of the already subdued male challenger, before transitioning to a front face sit, spreading her legs to put the full weight of her derriere firmly on his face.

Growing bored with facesitting Chain Male, Killpussy decides to show him just how powerful her firm legs are by repeatedly scissoring his head.

Once he’s head enough she positions him so he is sat resting against the wall of the matroom (or should that be torture chamber), before pushing her butt into his face once again.

Confident in her superiority Killpussy poses for the camera showing off her beauty whilst continually punishing Chain Male with her ass.

Growing bored she pushes the defeated Chain Male to the mat where she gives him one last facesit while striking a victory pose.

Killpussy wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit with flesh coloured tights and white shiny pro-wrestling boots.


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