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KPW0165 Bumtastic Killpussy vs Justice

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Justice is a powerful wrestler in her own right, who has left a string of broken and defeated foes in her wake. However, whenever she faces Killpussy she comes up short, submitted and splayed out whether it be in the ring or on the mats.

The amazonian blonde, Thunder from Down Under is her Kryptonite, but will today be any different. A confident Killpussy tells her that she is going to be box pinned, Justice tells her that she can try.

What Justice should remember is that Killpussy does not try, Killpussy does. She folds Justice up with ease and pins her for a long 20 count. Justice can only squirm beneath her, embarrassed by her ass being shown for the world to see why she is trapped.

Killpussy totally dominates Justice pinning her for long counts with ease in box pins, school girl pins, splades and banana splits. The one thing that they all have in common is that Justice’s toned, shapely bum is on full view.

The proud beauty is decimated, humiliated and embarrassed as Killpussy delivers her most devastating and soul crushing defeat to date.


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