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KPW0163 Pro Style Slamming Ball Busted

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The masked moron is back he obviously didn’t learn his lesson in KPW0162, perhaps he liked his masked face being sat on by the Thunder from Down Under.

Once again Killpussy demonstrates her Amazonian credentials as she completely overwhelms and destroys him in the ring.

But he’s not going to be rewarded with facesitting this oh no, this time it’s cock and balls which are going to be demolished by the mighty blonde New Zealander.

She traps him in holds and reaches down and squeezes his balls and twists his cock, he will learn that to step into the ring with Killpussy is only going to end in pain.

After she has finished humiliating him and destroying his manhood she drags him to the corner and sits on him with her full weight suffocating him beneath her ass.


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