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KPW0160 Laken watch out Killpussy is after you

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A catsuit clad Laken is running for her life through a deserted warehouse district with a determined Killpussy on her tail.

Laken thinks she has lost her pursuer as she dashes up some stairs, but Killpussy is not just big and strong, but she’s smart too. She takes a shortcut and ambushes the brunette beauty. She subdues her and carries her with ease into her lair.

Once there Laken is subjected to a beatdown as Killpussy destroys her. Laken’s head is bashed into the wall, and raked along its full length.

She is hoisted and driven across Killpussy’s amazon knee in a wicked backbreaker, pain is etched across her face.

But that is not the end to her punishment as Killpussy attacks her crotch with bites and claws, bearhugs her squeezing her back to near breaking point before she is driven across Killpussy’s knee again.

There is little Laken can do but be destroyed by the powerful blonde New Zealander.


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