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KPW0155 Enter the Ring Live Killpussy vs Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Its the opening night at Monicas new venue! Adversaries Killpussy and Scorpion have both been invited and as we know, its always a bad idea to put these two in the same room.Words were exchanged in the dressing room and it has spilt out into the main room.

Scorpion is tossed into the ring and Killpussy jumps in after her. They fight it out with pins and body scissors to begin with. But neither girl will tap and they cant get the pins to stick past the 2-count.

Scorpion goes for a bear hug but cant even get Killpussy off the ground!! Big Amazon bully Killpussy picks up Scorpion in a bearhug and runs her into the ropes, totally taking the air out of her.

From here she dominates her with a nasty camel clutch, before finishing her with an aeroplane lift and slamming her onto the mat for the winning pin.

Killpussy wears Black and pink high-necked, sleeveless, spandex leotard. With pink headband, bare legs and black leather knee-high wrestling boots.

Scorpion wears white and pink high-necked, sleeveless, spandex leotard. With pink arm bands, bare legs and white shiny knee-high wrestling boots.


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