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KPW0150 Wedgie War Killpussy Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Its time to do battle in this hardcore WEDGIE WAR! Blond Amazon Killpussy takes on old adversary Scorpion. Wearing their superhero pants and shiny pantyhose. Lets find out who has the ultimate wedgie power shall we?

The girls start with a stare-down then a horrible bearhug and wedgie combination that has them both screaming.

Youll see rear wedgies, front wedgies, hands pulling panties, feet wedged into pants for foot wedgies!

Ever wondered what a wedgie bicep curl looks like? Well wonder no more!

The loser literally loses her panties in a final humiliating, panty-ripping manouver!!

Killpussy wears Batman panties with tan shiny pantyhose. Scorpion wears Superman panties with tan shiny pantyhose.


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