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KPW0149 Shiny Knock Out Pro Style Safa Killpussy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Watch Safa Warda take on our very own Killpussy. Both in VERY high cut one piece shiny leotards and ready to kill. Crotch grabs, pussy punches and full kn0ck outs are just the beginning for this wild ride of female competitive rivalry.

Will Killpussy win the day or will this American fire cracker get one over on Killpussy...only one way to find out…

Match contains butt spanking, bodyscissors, test of strength, Boston crab, headlock, headscissors, toe biting and box pin

Killpussy wears shiny pink high cut leotard with tan pantyhose

Safa Warda wears shiny neon green high cut leotard with tan pantyhose


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