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KPW0148 KIllpussy POV MMA Beatdown

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Blond Amazon Killpussy (5ft 11?/180cm, 176lbs/80kg) is in the mood to dominate it’s time for your beat down.

She begins working your face and body over with jabs, crosses and uppercuts.

Before she has a nasty idea...her trademark low blows….it’s time for some kicks and knees to your nuts!

Next she works over your stomach. Delivering belly punches in quick succession which drop you to your knees.

Never one to resist kicking a man when he is down, Killpussy kicks and punches you into submission. Once she’s got you on your back she gives your balls a really good going over with knees, kicks and stomps.

Killpussy wears white gi/kimono with MMA gloves and bare feet

You wear blue gi/kimono


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