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KP134 Amazons at War Ayesha vs Killpussy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Muscular black Amazon Ayesha (6ft tall) takes on Killpussy (5ft 11in tall) in this AMAZON WAR

Someone gets caught napping with an early bodyscissor submission. She is not happy!! Then the battle is truly on!

The Amazons hit each other with hold after hold:

Camel clutch

Single leg Boston

Bear hug

Fireman's carry

Texas cloverleaf


Points are scored! Pride is dented! Bruises are collected!

But there can be only one winner in this Amazon War...

Amazon Ayesha wear purple shiny sequin bikini with black knee pads and black boots

Killpussy wears silver shiny two-piece with white knee pads and white shiny boots


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