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KP128 Dirty Pro Style Killpussy vs Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Oh look who it is...Scorpion and Killpussy kick off again! In an all-action Dirty Tactics Pro Match

They start with a standing Test of Strength that goes all the way to the floor. Scorpion follows it with a sneaky bear hug on the ground to squeeze the air out of Killpussy. ButKillpussy is a bad girl and traps Scorpion in a mean box pin

Scorpion goes immediately for revenge with a tight hair-pulling headlock, Killpussy reverses with a head-scissor but Scorpion will not be beaten this time and its time for Killpussy to feel the box pin!

Headscissors and grapevines are exchanged. With another two point for Scorpion. Then and a belly punch from evil Killpussy are swiftly followed by a brutal box pin that crushes Scorpion in two.

Killpussy evens the score with a back-breaking Boston crab...showing NO MERCY for her opponent.

The score is even as they enter the final point. Oooooh a double body scissor finishes the match...but who will be the victor?

Scorpion wears shiny neon multi-coloured hot pants and arm warmers, tan shiny pantyhose and black leg warmers and black bra

Killpussy wears black shiny leotard with tan shiny pantyhose, pink fishnet micro vest and pink leg warmers.


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