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KP124 Cops and robbers Killpussy vs Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A policewoman (Killpussy) has been chasing a burglar (Scorpion), and the chase has led them in an empty house. The opening scene shows the burglar, trying to hide, and the policewoman , trying to find her.

They meet in the bedroom and rush on each other, and start their fight where they exchange holds, grips, grabbing each other, standing and on the floor with slaps and body punching.

Their fighting with time slows down and they end up on the floor, deadlocked for a couple of minutes. Body to body, legs tightly locked, arms around each other's necks or backs, pulling each other's hair.

The robber dares the policewoman to remove her clothes and fight woman-to-woman for the arrest. They strip to their underwear.

They slowly now exchange holds and grips, try some mild choking and hair pulling, and slowly end up on the floor. The moaning intensifies now as grips and leg locks become steady, tight with close contact. Hips start to push rhythmically against each other, and feet touching....who will give in and finish first...?

Killpussy wears Blue policewoman's shirt with black jeans before stripping to black and navy shiny lingerie

Scorpion wears black spandex leggings and grey spandex top before stripping to black bra and black thong


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