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KP122 Shiny Spandex Pin's match

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Blond Amazon Killpussy (80kg, 510) takes on a new opponent in a shiny spandex domination match. Can new boy Peter provide a match for her?

She kicks the match off with a vicious headlock before grinding her pussy bone into his ribs. Peter fights back with a box pin attempt but Killpussy kicks out and gets him in a crushing headscissor.

Watch Killpussy dominate her opponent in the Test of Strength, then bend him like a pretzel camel clutch, Boston crab, and full nelson. She dominates him with a good old facesit, figure four and grapevine.

Then our favourite Amazon seals it with her victory pose - the classic double bicep flex!

Killpussy wears shiny blue thong leotard with shiny tan pantyhose.

Peter wears shiny red tight shorts


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