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KP121 Outdoor Pro Style Killpussy vs Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Scorpion and Killpussy agree to meet in the woods to sort out their rivalry. Can they make a truce?

Apparently not!! The girls manage about 3 civil words to each other before the fighting starts with a Test of Strength. Killpussy grabs Scorpion from behind and lifts her off the ground with a bear hug. Scorpion escapes and wrist locks her.

Time to lose the street clothes! Scorpion strips Killpussy's dress off her, trapping her in it. Spanking her and wedgie-ing her while she is stuck. Killpussy strikes back with an evil nipple twist and pussy bite!

Scorpion sees an opportunity to fight back and grabs a nearby stick, time for a low blow for Killpussy!

The girls continue to fight it out, with lots of back and forth action. Camel clutches, more stick fighting, cradle lifts, body scissors, crotch grabs, box pins, crushing bear hugs, headlocks, belly punches, Boston crabs, figure four leg lock.

The one and only point is scored with a never-ending camel clutch. Then the loser is left face down in the dirt while the winner victory poses over them. But who is the winner in the woods...?

Both girls start in street clothes...then.....

Killpussy wears green neon shiny high-cut thong leotard with shiny tan pantyhose / tights and white high tops

Scorpion wears pink neon shiny high-cut thong leotard with shiny tan pantyhose / tights and black high tops


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