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KP120 Ring Match Killpussy shows Porras who's Boss

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Killpussy steps into the ring with the ever cocky Porras.

He is all mouth and has obviously forgotten the crushing he received earlier that summer

Killpussy gets the party started by slamming him headfirst into the corner post before crushing his head with her massive thighs in an evil headscissor. She treats him to a Texas cloverleaf.

Porras, the little pussy, has to keep grabbing the ropes for safety

She hoists him onto her shoulder before dropping him onto the floor. Maybe that will knock some sense into him...?

And now we see the life draining out of Porras as Killpussy catches him in hold after hold...

Boston Crab! Back bending Bow and Arrow! Sleeper Hold! A nasty SharpShooter! Face-melting Camel Clutch!

Victory is hers! And she kneels on his back for the double bicep victory pose

Killpussy wears black shiny thong leotard, black fishnets with black knee pads and black shiny boots

Porras wears black and white Lucha mask with black spandex shorts and black leather boots


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