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KP115 Lick Torture Killpussy and Scorpion

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Scorpion is laying on the mats her hands and feet bound, and is wriggling trying to escape. Is it because she has an idea of the fate which is about to descend on her.

Killpussy enters and has a devilish torture in mind for the helpless Scorpion, while she is bound.

Killpussy starts to lick her and Scorpion hates it but there is little she can do as the blonde, licks and smothers her. All Scorpion can do is squirm as she is subjected to the embarrassment and humiliation.

Killpussy wears a black cross hatch lycra swimsuit, and shiny pantyhose

Scorpion wears pink bra and panties


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