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KP0143 Amazon Killpussy dominates Porras

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You have to give Porras his due, he is a trier. Repeatedly he has set foot inside the squared circle to take on the Amazon Killpussy. Each time he is supremely confident that this will be the time that he picks up the victory, once again Killpussy takes no time in proving him wrong….. Again!

Before the bell is even rung, Killpussy doubles up the masked marvel with a wicked gut shot, repeatedly punching, scissoring and just generally destroying him until the inevitable first back destroying Boston Crab has Porras submitting.

She toys with him, making fun of him when he uses the ropes to escape a submission, but tortures him with sharpshooters, more boston crabs, grapevines, before getting bored and making him tap to a camel clutch.

Posing flexing her biceps she once again stands victorious over Porras.

Killpussy wears a black shiny long-sleeved leotard with fishnet tights, black pro kneepads and boots.

Please note there is minor wardrobe malfunctions in this clip.


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